Organic Fertilizers


Total Nitrogen: 4%

Ammonium Nitrogen: 2%

Total Organic Matter: 15%

Organic Nitrogen: 2%

Water Soluble Potassium Oxide: 3%

Total Amino Acid: 14%

Fulvic Acid: 21%

Total Polysaccharide: 4%



ULTRA is a liquid fertilizer obtained from the extraction of various plants and fruits. ULTRA has a dual action: it improves soil structure while also improving crop quality. Due to its origin, it offers a high concentration of nitrogen, amino acids, organic matter, polysaccharides and fulvic acid. This product is also an organic soil conditioner and root improver produced from plant-based materials. It can be safely applied to all plants with leaf and soil application. It increases the water holding capacity by making the soil more spongy. Polysaccharides found in various humic elements form aggregates responsible for soil development. ULTRA stimulates growth mechanisms. It increases re-sprouting and can be used safely in plants where growth stagnation is observed. ULTRA increases fruit set when used before blooming. ULTRA allows more effective use of combined plant nutrients. ULTRA increases fruit size and pulls the crop into itself. ULTRA encourages the development of the root system and therefore helps the plant to develop a large root system. ULTRA is a liquid organic fertilizer that increases the fertility and water holding capacity of the soil and ensures that the soil gains a loose structure. ULTRA quickly regulates the fertility and activation of the soil and ensures the balance of the soil.

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