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Investment CONSULTANCy

Turnkey Plant Nutrition Plants

We are an expert company with more than 25 years of personal experience in the production of plant nutrition products. Since our establishment, the scientific knowledge obtained by the company’s management and employees has been systemized by the R & D department and has enabled innovative studies to be carried out in the plant nutrition sector. As CEON, we provide sectoral consultancy services to entrepreneurs who aim to establish their own Plant Nutrition Plant in order to meet the needs of the national and international market and to ensure its development. Our investment advisory process includes preparing business plans to guide investment ideas, determining the financing sources to be used for investment, designing and drawing the plant to be built, determining the machine line, constructing the designed facility, and providing tools and equipment appropriate for the type of operation. We inform our customers about the problems they will face at all stages of the production process and what their solutions are, and we enable them to gain the knowledge and skills to solve these problems by establishing the management system we have developed inside.