Water Soluble Potassium Oxide: 8%

Water Soluble Silicon Dioxide: 20%



CE-FORCE SILICONE is a potassium silicate with a high potassium and silicon content and is a silica/potassium fertilizer suitable for horticulture and open field cultivation. When applied to the soil, it turns into silicic acid with the moisture in the soil and is absorbed through the root system. After intake, CE-FORCE SILICONE deposits silica gel between the cuticle and the cell wall, and also between the cell membrane and the cell wall. CE-FORCE SILICONE is ideal for use in crops to prevent or reduce water stress symptoms and helps prevent damage caused by insects. CE-FORCE SILICONE also increases the grain size of cherries and grapes. CE-FORCE SILICONE provides upright growth for both rice and wheat. Due to silicon absorption, silica weakens rice-cultivated soils, and potassium silicate is fed to irrigation water or plants from the leaves, balancing the need for silica.

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