Plant Nutrition

Plant Nutrition

We produce plant nutrition products that are largely created by living organisms, derived from natural biological substances, and naturally support the life process of the plant. We enable plants to strengthen, develop and grow by using their natural defenses against diseases, pests, or harsh climatic conditions.

Every farmer knows that diseases in plants may begin to manifest themselves in the roots of the plant before manifesting as wilting, browning, mold, and rot. Our innovative microbial plant nutrition products provide primary, secondary and micro plant nutrients essential for plant growth.

It protects both the roots and the plant by increasing the presence of its elements; it ensures that better quality and more abundant crops are obtained from the soil by using fewer natural resources and fertilizers, and it ensures that healthy plants are grown by protecting the environment.

Our rich product portfolio with high performance, developed by our team over the years, helps to make agriculture better by offering a wide and comprehensive range of solutions to our farmers with effective formulations. In this context, Venagro, one of our products that has been produced by working hard for many years and gives different results in practice, has come to the stage of being offered to our farmers.

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