Organic Fertilizers


Total Organic Matter: 15%

Organic Carbon: 6%

Organic Nitrogen: 1%

Free Amino Acid: 10%

Water Soluble Potassium Oxide: 3%

Water Soluble Iron: 0.03%

Water Soluble Manganese: 0.02%

Water Soluble Molybdenum: 0.2%

Water Soluble Zinc: 0.05%



CE-FORCE AMINO is an organic bio stimulator containing 10% free amino acids, peptides and various micronutrients. With its rapid absorption and transfer to the tissues of the leaves, CE-FORCE AMINO acts as a natural bio-stimulant and an organic chelate for micronutrients. CE-FORCE AMINO promotes vegetative growth, fruit fattening, vegetative tissue regeneration, etc., which is quickly absorbed and immediately metabolized. It is a liquid amino acid combined with microelements that promote CE-FORCE AMINO provides the maximum amount of free L-amino acids of vegetable origin. The L-configuration facilitates rapid recovery of the plant after critical or stressful situations as it does not have to use extra quantities in amino acid synthesis. They support the recovery of plants during abiotic or biotic stress and provide the plant with the most important micronutrients.

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