Organic Fertilizers


Organic Matter: 13%

Alginic Acid: 5%

Water Soluble Potassium Oxide (K2O): 0.6%

Max. EC: 21dS/m

pH Range: 11-13



CYTO is very rich in pure seaweed concentrate, CYTO QUINONES, AUXIN, GIBBERELLINS, CPPU and phytohormones derived from plant-derived plants. CYTO accelerates all natural processes in plant and fruit development. It stimulates the formation of chlorophyll and slows down the aging process of the plant. It directly affects fruit formation, quality and development. Under extreme heat and extreme light, the abscisic acid level in the plant’s body increases. An increased abscisic acid level also supports flower and fruit formation. CYTO is applied after the fruit is held, at the beginning of the fruit’s blooming period. 1-2 applications are required to achieve the required results. CYTO promotes germination and increases the number and width of leaves, thus increasing the rate of photosynthesis. CYTO allows the root volume and lateral root development to expand, thus allowing the plant to hold on to the soil more firmly and to absorb the necessary nutrients from the soil better.


1-5-10-20 Lt

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