Total Nitrogen: 8%

Nitrate Nitrogen: 8%

Water Soluble Calcium Oxide: 15%

Herbal Bio-Activators: 3%

Vegetable Free Amino Acid: 5%



CALNIT is a calcium nitrate solution enriched with bio activators and amino acids. Calcium can be used to prevent flower rot in apples, tomatoes, and peppers, etc. It also helps to prevent plant diseases and reduces end burns in lettuce. CE-FORCE CALNIT is a special product designed to eliminate calcium deficiency in all kinds of crops. CE- FORCE CALNIT should be repeated at intervals of 15-20 days as long as the upper organ system activity and vegetative growth continue. CE-FORCE CALNIT allows cell wall thickening in the plants used. It reduces the risk of fruit cracking, increases storage and shelf life. CE-FORCE CALNIT can be applied safely to the soil as well as to the leaves. When CE-FORCE CALNIT is used before the symptoms of calcium deficiency appear, it prevents bitter staining and rots on the flower end.

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