Water Soluble Zinc: 6%

Sulfur: 3%

Free Amino Acid: 3%



CE-FORCE ZINC allows for the production of a highly concentrated and chemically pure zinc product that improves the amino acid chelated formula as well as the metabolic functions of zinc, particularly photosynthesis. The inclusion of particular bonding chemicals and adhesives guarantees that the entire leaf surface is coated, boosts the stomata and epidermis’s absorption ability, and assures quick element movement inside the tissue. This formula’s natural molecular structure allows it to penetrate beyond the barriers formed by the cell’s outer membrane, which also prevents typical chelates from penetrating. CE-FORCE ZINC, apart from correcting zinc deficiencies, stimulates the production of auxin and thus helps the growth of cells and maturation of seeds. Thanks to its special chemistry, CE-FORCE ZINC helps with the disorders caused by zinc deficiency and it increases re-sprouting and yields in grains. CE-FORCE ZINC can also be safely applied to the soil and leaves.

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