Free Amino Acid: 60%

Vitamins: 22%

Molybdenum: 2%



CE-FORCE CHLOROPHYLL is a chlorophyll function bio stimulator. It is absorbed in the maximum amount by the plant’s leaves when synthesized in 10 microns. CE-FORCE CHLOROPHYLL is indicated for seedling growth, budding, flowering, and other aspects of the growing season. It stimulates and accelerates plant vegetative development. It also makes them more resistant to stressful situations. It is a 100% water soluble product formulated with a high concentration of amino acids.

Foliar: General dose, 30-50 gr/100 lt. According to the phenology and plant needs, 2-3 application every 7-15 days. Under more severe stress conditions, 75 gr/100 lt. Recovery of the green color in stressful situations is an indicator of the product’s effectiveness.

Drip: It is applied in 2-4 repetitions from the beginning of a 1-2 kg/ha crop cycle.

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