Guaranteed Content (W/V)

Free Amino Acid: 7%

Polysaccharides: 3%

Total Nitrogen: 4%

Organic Nitrogen: 2.1%

Nitric Nitrogen: 0.9%

Ammonium Nitrogen: 1%

Phosphorus Pentaoxide: 4%

Potassium Oxide: 3%

Water Soluble Iron: 0.4%

Water Soluble Manganese: 0.1%

Water Soluble Boron: 0.1%

Water Soluble Zinc: 0.085%

Water Soluble Copper: 0.02%

Water Soluble Molybdenum: 0.01%



Goodmin is a biostimulant product that includes free amino acids and other ingredients. It has a plant growth enhancing feature and is scientifically proven to greatly affect crop productivity by promoting greater root mass and often associated actions such as lateral root growth, twig and bud development, seed and pollen germination, pollen tube growth, chlorophyll output and photosynthesis. Goodmin is a biostimulant that affects the root system and helps plants overcome stress and phytotoxicity. It also provides energy during the period of intense vegetative growth.

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