Total Nitrogen: 6%

Water Soluble Magnesium Oxide: 9%

Nitrate Nitrogen: 6%

Free amino acid: 3%



CE-FORCE MAG is a liquid fertilizer containing fully water soluble nitrogen and magnesium.

NITROGEN: It promotes leaf and body formation in plants. Important physiological functions within the plant affect both product quantity and product quality. It is the main material for plants and the main building block of chlorophyll, which converts solar energy into energy that is beneficial to the plant. During the green development period, the plant uses a lot of nitrogen.

MAGNESIUM: It is found in the chlorophyll structure and is therefore very important for photosynthesis in plants. Due to its deficiency, plant growth and fruit formation are weakened and fruit loss increases. With magnesium, sugar levels increase and fat formation is accelerated.

Blooming is aided by CE-FORCE MAG. Magnesium facilitates potassium intake. CE-FORCE MAG can be safely applied to the soil with foliar application. CE-FORCE MAG can be used safely in mixtures with phytosanitary products, fertilizers and plant growth regulators.

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