Total Calcium Carbonate: 75%

Magnesium Carbonate: 10%

Iron: 0.5%

Silicon Dioxide: 10%

pH Range: 7.1-9.1



EUROVIT is an excellent foliar fertilizer. It consists of CO3 supplemented with many important micronutrients (CA, Mg). Its particles are smaller than 10 μm and can be absorbed directly through the stomata of the leaves of the plant. By spraying an aqueous solution of this very fine, tribodynamically activated powder (0.5%) onto the foliage, EUROVIT particles directly penetrate the intracellular compartment, partly through the stomata of the leaves, and the rest remains as a film on the leaf surface. Recommended by the European community for organic farming according to EU regulations 834/2007 and 889/2008. It reduces water requirements due to its high drought tolerance, and increases the supply of essential trace elements to plants. It accelerates growth quality and boosts harvest color, and extends shelf life. It enhances the yield of the crop and improves the quality and storage characteristics of the crop, especially if the plants have difficulties in stressful conditions.


1 kg

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