nıtromın extra 15-0-0

Foliar Fertilizers


Total Nitrogen: 15%

Urea Nitrogen: 15%

Water Soluble Sulfur: 40%

Cytokinins: 0.05%



NITROMIN EXTRA is a continuous source of nitrogen and high sulfur synthesized with a cytokinin-containing formulation. It will be difficult to determine whether the deficiency is caused by a lack of nitrogen or a lack of sulfur, and NITROMIN EXTRA is an excellent product because it contains both elements. NITROMIN EXTRA helps to unclog drip and irrigation systems thanks to its low pH level. NITROMIN EXTRA is the opposite of powdered sulfur products and tries to quickly reduce the pH level of the soil, even within a few days. NITROMIN EXTRA reduces the saline level of the soil. NITROMIN EXTRA helps the soil, therefore the plant absorbs all the fertilizers that last for years, such as nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, and even some microelements. As a result, it reduces fertilization costs. NITROMIN EXTRA increases the yield of the plant with amidic nitrogen.

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