NUT POWER 10-5-10+ME

Foliar Fertilizers

Collection Nitrogen: 10%
Urea Nitrogen: 10%
Water Soluble Phosphorpentaoxide: 5%
Water Soluble Potassium Oxide: 10%
Water Soluble Boron: 0.1%
Water Soluble Copper: 0.02%
Water Soluble Zinc: 0.05%



NUT POWER 10-5-10+ME is a specifically prepared formula for normal development and abundant quality hazelnut feeding. NUT POWER 10-5-10+ME has a unique formulation developed solely for hazelnuts. It is a special plant nutrition product besides nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, and many microelements. Increases chlorophyll formation and fruiting while carrying homogeneous fruits before blooming. When used during the fruit development period, fruit quality increases. The coloring of fruits plays an important role in increasing the oil ratio, enhancing the dry matter ratio and the anthocyanins. Increases starch synthesis and starch amount in hazelnut.

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