Foliar Fertilizers


Total Nitrogen: 7%

Urea Nitrogen: 7%

Water Soluble Phosphorus Penta Oxide: 7%

Water Soluble Potassium: 7%

Humic Acid: 10%



CE-FORCE BALANCED 7-7-7 is an organometal fertilizer suitable for drip irrigation systems and is generally used in the growing phase. Phosphorus inside stimulates root and plant growth. It enhances root development, rapid maturation, and energy storage. It shortens the harvesting time of the products, increases resistance to morbidities, and improves fruit quality. CE-FORCE BALANCED 7-7-7 contains nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium in the ideal form and proportions that plants need. CE- FORCE BALANCED 7-7-7 has an excellent formulation that can be applied to both leaves and soil. CE-FORCE BALANCED 7-7-7, in periods where balanced development is desired.

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