Soil Conditioner


Polymaleic Acid: 28%



The product consists entirely of acid complex and plant nutrition. The pH values of drilling and river waters are generally alkaline. The solutions used in this type of water have a short-term effect and can become stale. ARCHER ACID is a pH regulator that eliminates such adverse conditions in alkaline and hard waters. ARCHER ACID is used in soils with problems such as desalination or a soil conditioner. ARCHER ACID is a powerful salt solvent, soil conditioner and bio-activator. The new and effective formula contains amino carboxylic acid complexes and is recommended for agricultural soils with salinity problems. Soil salts reduce nutrient availability in the soil and negatively affect optimal growth conditions. The effectiveness of fertilizers and growth regulators depends on soil conditions, water and nutrient retention capacities, and pH levels. ARCHER ACID is designed to reduce salinity and improve soil features to achieve maximum fertilizer efficiency, higher yield potential, better root development and higher crop quality. ARCHER ACID is ecological because of its content and is a soft biodegradable product. Prevents blocks in drip irrigation pipes, prevents clogging of clogged pipes. Prevents algae formation. It softens water for pesticide solution preparation. Increases soil pores. ARCHER ACID is quickly absorbed by plants and they show healthy development.


Clover First irrigation. 5 Lt. / Ha
In irrigation after each cutting. 2.5 Lt. / Ha
“Avocado, Citrus, Fresh Fruit Tree, Seed Tree,
Loquat andBanana”
In the first irrigation of the season before budding. 2 – 4 Lt. / Ha
Every irrigation. 1-2 Lt. / Ha
During the formation of the fruit 8 – 16 Lt. / Ha
Cotton In irrigation before planting, or… 8 Lt. / Ha
The first two irrigation in each. 4 Lt. / Ha
Grass First irrigation. 5 – 10 Lt. / Ha
In successive irrigation 2.5 Lt. / Ha
“Cucurbitaceae, Pepper, and Tomatoes” Before planting, or … 4 – 7 Lt. / Ha
On the next irrigation planting. 2.5 Lt. / Ha
Asparagus First irrigation. 5 – 10 Lt. / Ha
About 10-14 years each in consecutive irrigation. 2.5 – 5 Lt./ Ha
“Horticulture and Industrial Crop “ In the first irrigation of the season. 4 – 8 Lt. / Ha
It is applied 8-16 times each year on a weekly basis. 1 – 2 Lt. / Ha
Strawberry every year. 8 – 16 Lt. / Ha
“Artichoke, Cabbage, Lettuce, Beet and Carrot “ every year. 12 – 15 Lt. / Ha
It is recommended to integrate into the irrigation water. 200 – 400 cc. /Ha

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