Soil Conditioner


Ammonium Lauryl Sulphate: 55%



SC-55 is a commercial anionic soil-modifying agent that influences variations in the surface tension of hygroscopic (bound) water in the soil in the same way that a wetting agent affects surface water, but with quite different outcomes. By entering vertical depths of three to four feet (more than one meter) and acting on bound water, SC-55 displays long-term benefits in each of these soil qualities (unlike wetting agents that act on surface water). One of the most easily observed results of the SC-55 application is an improved water seepage rate. By breaking down the adhesion that allows the soil to be compacted into hard structures, especially a layer of hardpan, the SC-55 reads the soil for deeper and faster water flow. The SC-55 is designed to treat a variety of soil compaction issues. Because the soil changes over time, the results last far longer than with surface water surfactants. The effects are immediately noticeable after the first irrigation or precipitation, and they can persist for up to fourteen months without the need for additional applications. The SC-55 has both short- and long-term benefits, making agricultural operations cost-efficient and productive as part of a successful agricultural program.


It is suitable for all kinds of crop production. Applications are made into a homogeneous powder and mixed 15-20 cm into the annealed soil. It can be applied with drip irrigation. The recommended release rate by the SC-55 is 180 to 300ml per acre.

SC-55 is effectively absorbed and applied to dry materials at a rate of 180 ml.

SC-55 is also effective at 29.57ml to 59.14ml in sowing 118.29ml – 147.86ml broadcast or acre seeding applied to dry materials.

The SC-55 application is recommended in the spring or autumn.

If deemed necessary, 59.14ml to 177.44ml SC-55 applications can be made throughout the planting year.

SC-55 increases the effectiveness of other products when used in combination.

The SC-55 can be applied using a conventional spray method – mist blower, boom sprayer, centre-axis irrigation system or aerial application.

The SC-55 is compatible with most spray solutions and will actually help combine chemicals. If the side effects of the spray solution say “DO NOT USE A SURFACE”, do not use the SC-55.

SC-55 must be compatibility checked before mixing in your spray tank.

SC-55 is a commercial anionic, non-toxic, biodegradable liquid additive.

The SC-55 is safe to spray on all crops and pastures.

SC-55 can be used safely when the soil is prepared and in every period of production.

1-2 weeks before sowing or planting in autumn and spring after harvest.

SC-55 is applied to the soil homogeneously. (1 Lt. / Ha).

For better results, SC-55 should be mixed with the soil and rainfall or irrigation should be done at 50 ml within 30 days after application. per square metre.

SC-55 is safe to use in conjunction with herbicides, pesticides, fertilizers, and pesticides.

The effectiveness of SC-55 is not reduced if the soil is cultivated after treatment.


SC-55 is always applicable. And when it comes to crops like cotton, grain, vegetables, etc., the preferable times are pre-sowing and post-harvest.


Soil Application; 1 – 2 Lt. per year. / Ha

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