Soil Conditioner


Triprotic Acid: 70%

Siloxane: 529.95

Indicator: 0.05%



BLUE DOWN is an orange colored product. The product is added until the color of the water in the fertilizer tank turns blue. When the color of the water turns blue, the pH is balanced to 5.5. In this way, the water in the fertilization tank reaches the appropriate pH value for the fertilization process. BLUE DOWN ph regulator is an effective product with descaling and diffusion adhesive effects. It is especially efficient in preventing the denature of pesticides at high pH levels when used in conjunction with high pH irrigation waters. Due to its adhesive effect, the diffuser helps pesticides and fertilizers in the plant in leaf applications and prevents them from washing in bad weather conditions. By adjusting the pH level of water applications to 5.6 limits, it will allow the operator to achieve maximum efficiency with pesticides and fertilizers applied to the water. BLUE DOWN converts the calcium content of water into a form that can be absorbed by plants, thus allows this calcium to be used as a source of calcium in the plant’s water application. BLUE down also has diffusion adhesive features. It reduces the diameter of pesticide or fertilizer drops misted on the plant surface, thus providing easier and faster absorption by the plant. BLUE DOWN helps pesticides and foliar fertilizers to spread and adhere a thin film on shoots and fruit-fixing branches, thus increasing their effectiveness.

BLUE DOWN is also an effective pH lowering product, descaling agent and emitter adhesive.

BLUE DOWN should first be mixed in sufficient quantities into the spray water to ensure maximum benefit from spraying and fertilization.

Blue DOWN reduces the liquid surface tension of spraying and fertilizing water. This allows pesticides, fertilizers and growth regulators to better cover the plant and leaf surface.

BLUE DOWN is used to lower the pH of water to the desired pH of plant nutrition and growth regulators, especially to mix it with high pH water.
Due to its spreading adhesive properties,

BLUE DOWN ensures that pesticides, plant nutrition products, and growth regulators remain on the leaf surface during foliar application.

BLUE DOWN is also a descaling agent. The scale in the spray water becomes soluble calcium.

BLUE DOWN removes blockages in lime-based vents in the spray nozzle.


BLUE DOWN can be used with all kinds of drug mixtures for plants. It can also be used alone when needed.
Fungicides, Insecticides, Acaricides, Herbicides, Plant Growth Regulators and Micronutrients 25 ml. / 100 Lt. Water
If the pH value of the mixture is above 9 or below 5, the effect of the product may decrease. Optimum results are seen between pH 5 and pH 9. Mixtures prepared in these pH ranges should be used within 24 hours after mixing.


  1. Thoroughly clean the spray tank and application tool.
  2. Fill the spray tank 2/3 full with water.
  3. Add the pesticide or fertilizer to be added to the mixture in the following order according to the label recommendations.

* Fertilizers and plant nutrients.

* Dry flowable (DF) and water-dispersible granule (WG) formulations.

* Suspension concentrate (SC) formulations.

* Water soluble concentrates (SL) and water soluble powders (SP) formulations.

* Emulsion concentrate (EC) formulations.

Spray Water: 40 – 50 cc. / 100 Lt. Water

After herbal production is completed, it is applied as and when necessary in any period.

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