NEO-KALIUM 5-0-15 + ME

Organomineral Fertilizers


Total Nitrogen 5 %

Urea Nitrogen 5 %

Water Soluble Potassium 15 %

Water Soluble Manganese EDTA Chelated 0.01 %

Water Soluble Boron 0.01 %

Water Soluble Copper 0.004 %

Water Soluble Molybdenum 0.004 %

Water Soluble Zinc 0.004 %



NEO-KALIUM 5-0-15 is a liquid fertilizer that can be applied to the soil using all kinds of irrigation systems. NEO-KALIUM 5-0-15 positively affects root development and growth, as well as prevents bending, and also increases resistance to cold. It positively affects the early production of crops. NEO-KALIUM 5-0-15, the fertilizer applied to the leaf is an efficient solution; ideally, it contains nitrogen and potassium in the proportions required by plants. NEO-KALIUM 5-0-15 can be used safely during periods when plants and fruits are colored and their internodes are opened. It has a formulation that can be safely applied to both soil and leaves.

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