Organomineral Fertilizers


Total Organic Matter: 20%

Total Nitrogen: 6%

Urea Nitrogen: 6%

Water Soluble Phosphorus Pentaoxide: 6%

Water Soluble Iron :0.3%

Water Soluble Zinc: 0.5%

Free Amino Acid: 2.5%



It is a special organomineral fertilizer to meet the organic material needs of plants and soil as well as providing the necessary macro and microelements. The Organomineral compound content is also effective in supplementing plant growth, increasing resistance to environmental conditions such as hot and cold, and increasing crop yields. In greenhouses and open field cultivation, it can be used for many vegetables and fruits. Additionally, REFLEX’s high and easily absorbable free acid content provides a noticeable difference in plant growth, fruit ripening and fruit yield. It can be applied in both drip irrigation and foliar applications. REFLEX promotes root development and ensures fruit formation. Besides, it supports fruit development during the cold period. Prolongs fruit storage time, shelf life. Increases blooming thanks to its phosphorus content.

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