Microbial Inoculation (min. Concentration 108 UFC/gr)

Bacillus Amilolichefaciens

Pseudomonas Fluorescens

Humic and Fulvic Acid Extract (EHT),

Hydrolyzed Protein and Yeast Extract 95% p/p



A powder product based on 100% microbial bacteria with highly concentrated organic compounds (humates) and nutritional regulators. PROTERRA is a concentrated mixture of organic humus, enzymes, organic acids, bacteria, growth aids, trace elements and minerals.

PROTERRA has the following effects on plants:

Microorganisms multiply by covering the surface of the roots; and produce a substance that increases plant growth and vigor.

Fungal diseases are prevented and the diseased plant will recover over time.

They increase root fringe and root numbers by colonizing the root area.

They increase phosphorus and iron absorption.

It promotes the balanced development of the plant’s root and leaf parts.

It boosts nutrient absorption when it requires the most nutrients, much as it does in fruit production.

The product provides the plants with the humic acid and amino acids they require.

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