Organic Fertilizers


Total Organic Matter: 85%

Organic Carbon: 20%

Total Nitrogen: 13%

Amino Nitrogen: 13%

Free Amino Acid: 80%



ALPHA PLUS is a 100% plant-based product that contains 80% free amino acids. Since it is of herbal origin, it is very easy and fast to take. ALPHA PLUS accelerates plant metabolism by increasing the amount of chlorophyll and supporting its yield. With the application of the soil, it helps the plant to warm up in the winter period and makes the plant more resistant to environmental stress conditions. ALPHA PLUS is suitable for soil and foliar application. Particularly noteworthy in the context of stress reduction is that ALPHA PLUS, the most commonly used fungicide, herbicide and insecticide, provides an effective support in the recovery of plants after treatment. Beyond the positive effects on plant vegetative development and stress reduction, ALPHA PLUS interacts with macro and microelements, increasing the absorption of these elements more than its normal use. The chelating effect of ALPHA PLUS enables microelements such as magnesium, iron, zinc and boron to bind with amino acids, form a metal complex and be more easily internalized by the plant.

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