Organomineral Fertilizers


Total Organic Matter: 10%

Total Nitrogen: 8%

Nitrate Nitrogen: 1%

Urea Nitrogen: 7%

Water Soluble Boron: 0.05%

Water Soluble Zinc: 2%

Free Amino Acid: 2.5%



BUTTERFLY is a special organomineral fertilizer with high organic matter and nitrogen content that can meet plants’ zinc and boron needs. BUTTERFLY can be used after harvest. However, the most effective application time should be in the spring, the buds do not crack. Concentrations used in ancillary applications may be higher than those used in autumn applications. Spraying should be done at or before the green tip stage. Autumn applications may also be needed if the deficiency treatments are difficult. In this case, applications can be made both after harvest and in spring. Greenhouse crops and open field vegetables encourage longer bunches and larger vines in the vineyards. It increases the quality and the number of all fruits. It expands the number and size of root vegetable products. It increases the amount of grain and the size of the grains in cereals.


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