Organomineral Fertilizers


Total Nitrogen 5 %

Urea Nitrogen 5 %

Water Soluble Phosphorpentaoxide 15 %

Water Soluble Manganese 0.01 %

Water Soluble Boron 0.01 %

Water Soluble Copper 0.004 %

Water Soluble Molybdenum 0.004 %

Water Soluble Zinc 0.004 %



NEO PHOSPHORO 5-15-0 can rapidly stimulate plant growth hormones thanks to its ideal combination of nitrogen and phosphorus. NEO PHOSPHORO 5-15-0 acts as an anti-stress and rooting product. Due to the high content of amino acids, organic acids and vitamins contained in it, NEO PHOSPHORO 5-15-0 is very much absorbed by plants. NEO PHOSPHORO 5-15-0 contains nitrogen, phosphorus and the proportions required by plants in its most ideal form. When used during vegetative development in single and perennial plants, NEO PHOSPHORO 5-15-0 allows the internodes to narrow and the stem to thicken. NEO PHOSPHORO 5-15-0 increases root volume and weight, improves the nutritional status of the plant by expanding the root surface. It does not cause blockages in drip irrigation systems and promotes root development and blooming in all plants applied. NEO PHOSPHORO 5-15-0 regulates soil salinity and PH.

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