Organic Fertilizers


Total Organic Matter: 20%

Organic Carbon: 8%

Total Nitrogen: 9%

Organic Nitrogen: 6%

Urea Nitrogen: 3%

Free Amino Acid: 10%



HECTOR is a plant growth enhancer based on plant amino acids and seaweed. Thanks to the synergy between them, plant-based amino acids and seaweed provide a very effective setting. HECTOR is a special product rich in amino acids derived from plants. It is suitable for starting use during sap movement in perennial plants. It can be used safely in planting seedlings of annual plants or plants with 3-5 leaves. HECTOR stimulates the growth tip of the plant due to its special content. HECTOR directly stimulates the fringe root formation of the plant and increases the formation of chlorophyll. This nutrient increases the production of protein, sugar and organic acids. HECTOR, when used prior to blooming or during fruit development, increases fruit set, fruit size, and fruit quality. HECTOR can be used safely with phytosanitary products, fertilizers and plant growth regulators.

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