Slow Release Nitrogen Solid Fertilizers

Water Soluble Copper 5%



VENAGRO COPPERTY is a plant nutrient that comes in the form of a gel and is made with cutting-edge technology. It contains high levels of water soluble copper as an active ingredient. Copper, along with sulfur and lime, is one of the oldest recognized antibacterial and antifungal elements in history. Copper does not establish strong connections in the soil when it is less active. VENAGRO COPPERTY has a healing effect on these adverse situations thanks to its formulation, which may be applied to leaves and soil. VENAGRO COPPERTY is obtained using a high-tech, tribomechanical activation that does not impair human health. Because of this technology, copper is reduced to small particles that can be easily absorbed by plants without the use of any chelating material or method. VENAGRO COPPERTY works methodically and can be used on all components and roots. VENAGRO COPPERTY is delivered to all sections of the plant and helps to have protective and healing benefits on the plant just a few hours after it is administered.

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