Slow Release Nitrogen Solid Fertilizers


Total Nitrogen: 21%

Ammonium Nitrogen (DMPP Inhibitor): 21%

Ammonium Inhibitor: 0.8%


Significant losses occur during the application of nitrogen fertilizers due to the change in form of this element in the soil. To avoid nitrogen loss and to ensure that the plant receives the right amount of nutrition, it is recommended to divide the amount to be used into parts before applying it. To avoid nitrogen loss, only applying it in sections is insufficient. N-TECH 21 inhibits nitrification and reduces nitrogen loss thanks to its DMPP technology. By slowing the operation of microorganisms that degrade ammonium into nitrate nitrogen, DMPP extends the time it takes for nitrate to be converted. Plants are fed more effectively as a result, as well as crop yield and quality development.
The amount of nitrogen lost in the soil is affected by soil moisture, oxygen, and temperature. While traditional nitrogen fertilizers lose nitrogen quickly (between 1-3 weeks) due to washing and evaporation, N-TECH 21’s DMPP inhibitor increases the nitrogen’s lifetime to 6-10 weeks. It instantly lowers the pH in the root zone of the plant fed with the ammonium form of nitrogen, creating an environment that facilitates the uptake of other nutrients. The losses caused by washing with rain and irrigation water on the VENAGRO N-TECH 21 are minimal.

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