Slow Release Nitrogen Solid Fertilizers


Total Urea Nitrogen NBPT Inhibitor: 46%

NBPT Inhibitor: 0.06%



The urease inhibitor in N-46 fertilizer (delays urea hydrolysis, or melting, and slows conversion to ammonium form, preventing ammonia loss to the atmosphere) and reduces nitrogen losses by delaying urea conversion. It reduces nitrogen loss in gas form thanks to the inhibitor (NBPT) in it. Even when there is not enough rainfall, it can remain on the soil surface for 2 weeks without going away. N-46 fertilizer eliminates farmers’ concerns about precipitation, especially in arid climatic conditions. Again, it prevents nitrogen loss in gas form and increases the efficiency of utilizing fertilizers. The environmental protective effect of the N-46 fertilizer should be considered when gazing at concerns such as the aerosolization of the fertilizer in gaseous form and the return of this gas with rain. VENAGRO N-46 preserves nitrogen in the soil for a long time and provides an efficient and high-quality product harvest. It reduces fertilization costs by enabling more efficient use of nitrogen. In areas where agriculture is done without tillage, the nitrogen loss of VENAGRO N-46 remaining on the soil surface is kept at the lowest level, thus providing a cost advantage. By slowing the conversion to ammonium, nitrification, or the process of bacteria decomposing ammonium into nitrate, is also slowed, resulting in less nitrate washing.

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